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CMOS Checksum Error - please help

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Feb 7, 2002
I have a northwood 2.0Aghz chip and a Soyo P4i Fire Dragon mobo with Corsair DDR266 512MB ram on it. I can o/cit to 2.2 stable at stock voltage, and now its running at 2.3 stable at 1.550 volts. No matter how many volts i put i even tried 1.700 i vcant get the chip to do 2.4ghz or go above 115fsb x 20 = 2.3ghz or more, i always get "CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults Loaded", and then it reloads my defaults back to stock 2.0 ghz. Is there anything i can do to get rid of the Cmos checksum error. Should i adjust memory volatge or agp voltage? I dont know what to do anymore ... I am afraid this ****ing queer *** soyo board ccant o/c worth ****. Please help me out bro's (and sis's :)).
i will get the same message under two kinds of conditions, 1) my hdd is damaged, 2) my board is damaged.

since you are only at 115fsb, i don't think its ur hdd's fault, must be your board...did yor flash ur board recently? Try to clean your cmos first, (shut down the rig, unplug psu), and take out ur battery for at least 5 min, so ur cmos is absolutely freash when u fire it up again. If above method fails, reinstall, or swaps another hdd to try it again. good luck.
I get that with my Abit TH7II-Raid after I clear the BIOS settings and then I just go into the BIOS, select my settings and save. Since it has happened to me and my board is not damaged then I don't think your board is damaged. I can't diagnose your problem since I don't have a Soyo though.
clean cmos, try to configurate your setting to default, fsb 100 and everything, then try to boot, if you still got problem here, try a reinstall of os. if you still got problem, try to get a new Bios roms, or have someone refresh it completely. remember, disconnect all unneccessary cable, just you vid card, cpu and hdd (certainly try to boot w/out ur hdd first to eliminate one of possible sourse of error). ok, good luck.
I havent touched the bios its the same as when came out of box and dont have to do any physical changes itll give me that error pause and then go back into bios with everything at stock speed

im jus wondering if any voltages or things could be causing error?
I'm not sure, but when the computer enters the BIOS I would make sure all the settings are correct and then save.