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cold boot no more

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Mar 23, 2002
Prince Rupert BC Canada
I can't believe it, I just wish I could remember who it was that said it so I can give credit where credit is due. I could not find the thread but somebody said turn fix off so I did put it to 2/5 =60 istead of the 66 no more cold boot:)

oh ya it was nigely thanks man.
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Mar 22, 2002
Using a fixed multiplier does not work for me: I still get the cold boot problem.

Using TH7-II RAID with Mr Natural BIOS 39c. Got the cold boot problem with all BIOS so far (38,77,39B,39C, own 38a).


Cold boot happens when you OC your CPU on most motherboards with a Pentium IV Northwood. It is due to the fact that your CPU is set to use a higher vcore than the default one (eg: 1.7v vs 1.5v) to support a faster FSB (eg: 133MHz vs 100MHz).

The problem is when you start your machine for the first time (ie: using the power button), the CPU starts at the default vcore (1.5v) but uses the custom FSB (eg: 133MHz). There is not enough power supplied to the CPU to make it work and nothing happens, not even a POST.

However once you hit the reset button the motherboard picks up the custom vcore (eg: 1.7v) and everything is fine. It only happens on Cold startup, and not on warm reset, hence the name "Cold boot problem".

According to Mr Natural it is due to the fact that the BIOS does not write the vcore information in the registers which are picked up on a cold boot (correct me if I am wrong Mr N.). If that is the case it is something that should be fixed in a future BIOS upgrade; Gigabyte has done so already.