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condensation bad....

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Apr 6, 2001
Mount Vernon, WA
I have a p2 400 clocked up to 600 @140fsb 2.3v (i know dont say anything, i cant afford a new processor) and i have a water cooling system with a 150watt pelitier (a little overkill) and i live in humid washington state. currently my peliter isnt on the processor, only the water block, cause whenever i use the peliter for an hour or more i get the bsod in windoze and i open the case to see whats the trouble and my processor is soaked in water (probably the 0c cpu temp, hehe) i know its deionized water so it wont short curcit anything but it freaked me out, ive tried covering my processor in the so called no condensation gel, but it doesnt work, how can i avoid this problem again, cause i wanna use my pelitier with no moisture. would i just like cut out foam to put arround the processor or what?
How do you know that the water is deionized? Once it hits something and dissolves it, it can probably conduct electricity, at least that's what I understand. Besides putting the dielectric grease in the socket, I've read to put this weird epoxy-like stuff (available on www.octools.com homepage) in the middle of the socket, along with surrounding it with neoprene.
lol i dont know for sure thats its deionized, but i assume that because i didnt see/hear any sparks fly and my processor still works, lol
you put dielectric grease in the holes in the socket, where the pins go silly. just cut a peice of that neoprene or closed cell foam and jam it in the middle of the socket
I gotta say, I'm impressed with getting a PII 400 to run at 600mhz! MY PII would'nt go any higher then 500mhz no matter what. Of course I wasnt running her at 0c!

Thats what I would like to get my PIII 800 at! But I would need to buy a bigger peltier to get it there. I'm running an 85w now.
the pentium 2 isnt a socket, it be a slot one. so where do i put the foam on the slot one? ive stripped the orginal heatsink and casing off, ive tried putting foam on the back and little pieces on the sides, but it doesnt work :(

lol i have the p2 at 2.3v (the higest it will go) and the fsb at 140, if i had better ram i may be able to get 150 mhz and get the p2 higher :) although i may need to up the voltage again if i do that but its already at max.
Just put dielectric grease in the slot. Then put closed cell foam or neoprene around the whole cpu. So no warm air can even come in contact with the core or any other part of the cpu. Then you may want to put some insulation on the back of the board behind the slot as well to make sure no condensation builds up there as well.