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conductive paint...question

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All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
alright, well i want to unlock this cpu, and the unlock kit i got from my friend has this grease stuff, and it doesnt dry..in the THG video, he had a paint..i want to know where i can get some of this stuff
Most peeps use the rear windows defogger kit found at most automotive stores. I have experience with both and find the grease/non-drying stuff a lot easier to work with.
RangerJoe said:
i have no idea what that stuff is....

It's paint to fix the strips of metal used to heat the rear window of your car. if one of those strips of metal (called a trace) breaks, the defogger doesn't work, so they make these repair kits that you use to re-draw the trace. Go to the automotive store and ask them about it ;).

It's about $12 for a small bottle, and works well.
know where you can get it online? most of the automotive stires I want to dont have it or discontinued it . . . . ARG they knew i was coming!