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Cooling a cabinet

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New Member
Jun 16, 2001
One of my computers sits in a cabinet in my entertaiment center. I use it as a jukebox (ripped all my CDs onto it) and I also use WebTV for windows to take advantage of program listings etc.

The problem is (especially since I replaced an original Pentium system with a duron 700 system) that the cabinet is warming up and in turn the system overheats. I cut a hole in the back of the cabinet and installed a 120mm Sunon 108 cfm DC fan. I also installed rubber spacers to keep the door ajar about 1/4". With the fan running wide open the cabinet stays cool but the noise level is pretty bad, eve though I created a foam mount to completely isolate the fan from the cabinet. I put a rheostat on it but when I slow it down enough to reduce the noise I don get enough flow and the air inside heats up (under high loads, folding, etc). Are there (much) quiter fans with similar specs? Would and AC fan work better? Any other suggestions?

RadioShack offers some high cfm, low noise AC fans, a little $$$, you could mount a fan in the lower part of the door, make a combination grill/filter out of some speaker grill material that match's you speakers, or 2 fans on the back 1 down low for fresh air intake, the other up high for exhaust, you could even use card board & masking tape to make duct work to direct the fresh air flow. Just a couple of thoughts!
all i can say is get cretive with the afor mentioned fans try two smaller ones one blowing in one hole the other suckingout another and place them so the air flows allthe way around the cabnet no hot spots use baffels if u have to remember ur not movin it around too much so u can be elaborate also make shure leave at least 4 to 5 inches between the back of the caibnent and the wall.