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corsair 3202c2pt v4.1+3200xl!!!!!!!

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Dec 1, 2003
corsair 3202c2pt v4.1=3200xl!!!!!!!

I was just able to remove part of the heatsink off a pair of corsair cmx512c2pt with the part number of xms3202 v4.1 and the chips read the following"

K4H560838F-TCCD which is samsungs new pc4000 which is also the same stuff used in the new corsair 3200xl and 3200xlpro everyone is talking about. I have memtested for 12 hours at 200fsb and 2-2-2-5 settings on aa amd64 3400 system. I am now running prime at these settings and have been stable so far for 3.5 hours. I will post pics of the mem and screens of the prime95 burn in tommorrow. This is a great find as you can buy this mem for about 250-280 compared to 315-350 for the price of the 3200xl. Too good to be true. It must be that corsair has run out of ch-5 and has nothing else to use at the moment is my only guess. The part number below the rest is 0423047-5. I belive the 04 is the year and 23 is the week leading me to believe that this mem is brand new. Also to confirm this is that i work at micorocenter as a tech and we jsut got this mem off the truck last week. Meaning it has to be almost brand new. Another thing is corsair's 3200ll and 3200llpt has been removed from our inventory leading me to believe that corsair is no longer selling it in mass production or at all.

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Apr 23, 2004
D'u know if the 256mb versions are TCCD as well?? i have some... would like to know


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Sep 16, 2004
i believe the 256mb versions are tccd as well..

got some tested it wiht my mobo.. got 240 at 2.9v 222-11 timings... i didnt' really push it any further.. but at 2.9 at these speeds.. looks like its good ram!