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Could this be better than the GLaciator?

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The cak is nice. Im not even going to think about getting a glaciator untill they make a version that lets you change the fan without a hacksaw.
The CAK-38 is an excellent design HS with two shortcomings. First it continues to rely upon a 60mm fan for its air source. The only 60mm fan that can deliver enough airflow to take advantage of the surface area in the CAK is the screaming Delta 38. Some day, more manufacturers will break out of that trap and design around an 80mm or even a 92mm fan. The second shortcoming is not unique to the CAK. It uses the clip style retainer. They are simply a cheap method of retention, with little thought given to reliability, ease of use, or common sense.
that, having been said, the CAK38 is up there near the top of the HSF food chain and should be an excellent choice for someone looking for a few more degrees of cooling. I would never consider it as a threat to the Glaciator or MC-462A though. The Thermalright SK-6 is very similar in design and perhaps a smidgeon better in cooling capacity.

The test reviews on this site of the CAK38 and the Glaciator show a dramatic difference in c/w, even though the basic copper heatsink base seems about the same.
Has anyone seen a review of the CAK38 somewhere else?
Da Whip (Jun 10, 2001 06:48 p.m.):
Just to throw one more log on the fire, check out this bad boy;

I have not seen a good review on this one yet. The temperature reading in this particular review make no sense. The link to the machine used doesn't work, and if this is the Duron overclocked to 1040 at 1.95V used in some previous tests; the temperature readings look way too low in comparison to what we saw in the preliminary model.

Joe took a look at a preliminary one, and it was good, and I'm sure he'll look at the production model.
The only thing as far as air cooling that is better than the Glaciator is a MC-462 with the fan set to high speed. Even like that, the MC-462 is louder and more money. I have a Glaciator on the way for $44.54 shipped, I don't think you can come close to its performance for the money.
Im using a Global win cak38 and i can say its a good HSF, right now its idling at 39.9 in a country where temps are 34C. on full load im getting to 45C. this is using a 1.33 @ 1.4
I can run the comp stable @1530 with max load of about 49C and idles at 41C, but am waiting for a betting exhaust/intake casemod b4 i do that.
I have however ordered the millenium glaciater, to my CAK38 delta fan will be removed and taped with the other 2 delta fans im using as a video card cool. lol 21000rpm to cool down a geforce 3