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Steam Hardware Survey - GPUs - Feb 2024

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Mar 7, 2008

Now we're in March the Feb data has been out for a bit and I took a look at it. Before I get into the numbers, I know, there is uncertainty in how they were obtained and they can't be taken as absolutely representative of anything. Still, it is the best data set I'm aware of for PC gaming. I'd welcome any alternate sources which could supplement this.

One thing in particular is I've noticed occasional odd months where NV share spikes a little. Feb 2024 might be one of them. It is not as big as other spikes but it does feel like there is something there. NV overall share went up 2.7 percentage points from the previous month, with the three preceding months spanning less than one percentage point change. So this month's data probably isn't the best to look at for longer term trends especially comparing red vs green.

The biggest gains were in the mid range NV GPUs of recent generations, with the 3060, 4060, 3070, 2060, 4070 taking the top 5 spots in percentage point change. While new sales of 4060 and 4070 would be expected, there can't be that many older gens entering the market?

Of note is a new entry of the 4070 Super, which means with less than 6 weeks of sales it already has a presence bigger than all individual current gen AMD GPUs except the 7900 XTX.