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Defeated by my GE256

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Jan 5, 2001
Decided to update my system for some late spring cleaning. Formated my main drive, reinstalled Win98se and all the drivers and ran smack into lockup maddness. Have tried all det drivers upto 12.4, and that was with clean installs each time. I know my cpu is not over heating, got a decent water cooling system that keeps it around 30C under full load. HOWEVER as soon as I install the drivers to bring the guilemot ge256 online I begin to experience lockups in 3D games and even when surfing the damn web. Have tried this with my system normal clock, overclocked, and even underclocked. The guilemot prophet is still using its original fan bringing me to wonder if the damn thing is just overheating. I can touch the back of it and its hot enough for me to force to withdraw my fingers. I need to get my hand on other AGP video card and see if my system locks up. Sigh tis no fun to have to fight ones system more than someone else in a good game of mech or ut :(
Geforce cards do not like sharing irq's like other cards do.
Maybe its sharing a irq since the format.
Checked that, only ICQ its sharing is the 4in1 steering system. But on an update I did put that ge256 back into a p3 450 and proceeded to torture it. Not one lockup. Hmmmm perhaps the agp on my abit kt7 raid is not providing enough power. Enough to make me lament the demise of 3dfx :(