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Do you know...?

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Jan 22, 2002
Hey guys do you know where to get the following items with the least expensive price?

-LCD flat monitor...
-All In Wonder Radeon 8500 (I heard 399 is a fixed price...true?)
-AMD/mobo COMBO (XP 1700,1800,2000 which one you prefer?)

umm....very awkward question...but can these three item be under the thousand? ... is it possible?

i post this thread here because i think you, AMD users, would give better advices...i'm kinda into AMD now...
go to www.pricewatch.com and check out the vendors there. you can probably get that stuff there for under 1000 easy. depends only on how big of an LCD screen. if u are interested in getting the best price to preformance, get either the 1600+ or 1700+.

Good luck
You can find the ATI Radeon 8500 for a little over $300 at www.newegg.com

Dont know about flat screens, but I know you can get an XP 1700+ for $117 at newegg, and a Shuttle AK31 for like $75 at newegg...you might get just under 1000 for all of them!
Hey Yodums I think i have the same cpu as you do...but i used ecs k7s5a u think i can up to 285mhz like yours?
->Duron Morgan 1000 @ 1285 (171fsb, 1.85vcore)<-

i mean i know the site where they show u which bridges to cut or connect it but i am not so sure for i am not an experienced clocker...but tell me how what are the chances that i have of successful....oh yea i can't afford to use peltier or watercool...

Thanks for y'all advices...i think i'll take a look at newegg i've been refer there many times...
oh yea what the best thing that could ACTUALLY help me see those bridges!!....