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Dual Gighertz MoBo?? Is it poss.???

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Jan 19, 2001
valparaiso, indiana
In school, i was talkin to some kids bout my new system i am working on building and they said that there is such a thing as dual gigahertz motherboards for AMD t-birds and i have never seen this, i have looked but not that hard, and was wonderin if this is tru, and where i can check them out!...also like is it worth it to do the dual, or just go for the single processor also this is going in a ATX case just like the ailen ware case and has to hold 512 megs of ram! too

Amd has shown off a few dual tbird systems but I am not aware of any you can actually buy. It would be really cool to have 2 $40 durons running at a gig. Talk about a great inexpensive server, assuming the motherboard didn't cost an arm and a leg.
yes there are some made but i dont know where-the only problem i have ram into running dual mobo's is that windows(what most people use) does not (kinda does) support dual processors. (It wont tap into the other one untiil the first one is totally maxed out then it will use/read the second one. It sounds good but unless you can squeeze everything from your first processor then its to no advantage. Linux or RedHat OS's do support dual mobos and my friend cpu are running Liux with dual 800 T-Bird not OC. Let me say this it has broken 2 gighz while overclocked but cooling made him run it stock-its fast enough