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EOC stats week ending 1 Apr 16.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Welcome to the April Fools edition of the week in review. No jokes here just the facts. (If you’ve seen some good gags, please post them below and share the fun.)

As you know, our teammate eQuinOx has passed away recently. His daughter has posted a gofundme account. If you feel that you can give anything at all, please consider it. His machines are still folding for now at least. http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/770995-RIP-eQuinOx

This week we would like to attempt to showcase our long term folders. Guys who have been folding, perhaps for years yet don’t garner any accolades. Perhaps CPU folders who rarely hit milestones but have many WU’s under their belt. When sorting the EOC stats for this, we will only highlight active folders.

When looking at total number of work units (WU) completed, ChaseR tops the list with 380,424. No surprise that our #1 point earner is our #2 WU submitter with 339,626. OC3d has completed 321,067 and the list goes on. Other contributors of note are:

What makes these folders interesting is not their total points but rather, the number of work units completed PLUS a low ppd average. In the old days, there was only CPU folding. Points were low and hard to come by. Guys with very high WU completion but low ppd tend to be long term folders who are just steadily churning out points for the team. This combination shows a long term commitment that we need as a team to keep our standing in the world ranks. Thank you guys.

If you are in this group but not mentioned (or are mentioned) please post below what keeps you motivated.

The team has Overclock.net in our sights again. 8.8 years. That is not a bad number at all. As usual, our charge is led by our top three ppd earners of HayesK, Macaholic and RoXQi3x. Our monthly total was a record breaking 1.3 billion. Last month was 1 billion but if you factor in the extra days in March compared to February, we had the same level of ultra-high production.

Individual milestones:
Due to the extreme high numbers involved, we are proud to start announcing early that HayesK will earn 3 billion in just over a month.
Macaholic will earn 900 million in 3 days.
t1nm4n will earn his first 100 million by this time tomorrow.
tazman171 will earn 80 million in 5 days.
JrClocker will earn 60 million in just over a day.
ConundrumLR will earn 60 million in just over 3 days.
ottoaxel will earn 50 million in 5 days.
Andy R will earn 50 million in 4 days.
Lowryder just earned 40 million.
prime81 will earn 40 million in 7 days.
Donuts just earned 20 million.
KhronosTheTitan will earn 20 million in 2 days.
Zuzzz just earned 7 million and will earn 8 million in 6 days.
Jerk just earned 6 million.
HankB just earned 4 million
unsafesteagle just earned 3 million and will earn 4 million in 1.5 days.
Gary Swindle just earned 3 million and will earn 4 million in 6.6 days.

Please give a warm welcome to our two newest millionaires, anonymous and DocClock. We are happy to see you guys up in the ranks.

Keep up the fold. :comp:
I so wanted to hit 100mil. but gotz to do some tinkering with the folding machine, Playing with OCs on it atm. I'm really liking having my folding cards under water though, it does add the same heat over time to the room I think, but it's so much quieter, lol.

And Jr. I still see you catching up to me, nothing I can do about Conundrum, my AMD cards just wont put that much out unless I won the lottery of WU assignments. Ima fend you off for as long as I can though Jr.

Again thank you Don for putting these up here. :salute:
Yes, thank you Don. These stats used to be done by Jolly Swagman, and it was my favorite read for the week. Now that its back, it kind of puts these into perspective a bit.