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Finally a real issue even you guys might not be able to figure out

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Apr 16, 2011
I had lent my brother an old Acer Aspire 5336-2634 a cpl years back so he could browse the web mainly. Well, he bought a new gaming laptop so he gave me the old Acer back. I figured I could do a fresh windows install and give it to my 4 yr old nephew who is constantly using a cheap vizio tablet to watch cartoons and play light games like roblox on. Well when I got it downstairs to my room, it was running HOT and very laggy even to browse the web on. I even installed a 256 sandisk ssd in it awhile back. So I thought, a new project! I figured since it was a cheap laptop it would be an easy dissasemble and just jumped right into it it. In the process of removing the case I broke off some plastic standoffs where the monitor was screwed into on the left side. After giving it a good cleaning and repaste I tried to reassemble it and now the damn keyboard/top of the bottom half wont stay on. I tried super glue, it didn't work. I even waited 24 hours with 20 lbs of weights on it so it would cure or whatever it's called. So now I am asking you guys. Is there anything else I can do or should I just toss it? I really wanted to make my nephew happy and I was so pissed at myself when I realized what I had done. I even almost bought him a chromebook during this recent Amazon special with the money I really don't have to spend at the moment. I feel stupid, and just said, "I'm not cut out for computers either, all I can do right is get wasted drunk." There has to be a way I can fix this. If I could level up the busted side to the height of the non-busted side I could use liquid nails to seal it down and all would be well, (I think).I have included some pics and illustrations (crappy ones). If anyone has any ideas please toss em my way. Thanks all.
fulltopoverview.jpg leftsidetop.jpg leftfrontview.jpg rightsidetop.jpg rightfrontview.jpg
Lowes has a 'best' glue caulk at about $7 a tube... It dries solid and if you wait a while before you do it it will be like putty. Definitely worth fixing as a gift. Or, jbweld and let it setup too before you apply. If it's a standoff issue just make one and glue it together.
Someone gave me a jbl bose audio laptop a few years ago. Great for music while the lid was closed. I put a cool clean install of xp on it and after a week or so spilled a cup of coffee on the keyboard. It never worked again. Bummed as I wanted to upgrade the wifi and the hd.
JB weld. I have literally JBWelded a helicoil into a magnesium chainsaw case and used it to support the bottom bucking spike. Have been rocking that for a couple years without problems. The saw gets set on this all the time, bounced around on it in the back of the pickup truck, and levered against wood.
Jbweld for the win. If that doesn't work, you might try checking online for a broken one of the same model. Usually not too expensive and you get a few extra spare parts along with it for future repairs
It means you stumped no one here. ;)

BTW, you don't use a tire iron to crack open a laptop and expect it to live.
The CT scanner has a distant robotic female voice that instructs the patient to, "take a deep breath in and hold it" and "you may now breathe normally" during the scans. Maybe I can record it for you.