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Found old PC in closet... help with upgrading it...

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New Member
Feb 2, 2001

the mobo is VX Pro
with a 200 P/S

basically all I want to do is be able to run Windows 2000 Server. ( a pc to host my web site)

The AMD chip right now is a K5-75, so I know I need to get a faster chip.

I need to buy a 128 dimm.

I am confused on what is the minimum speed AMD chip I can get? The jumpers for CPU speed and internal clock speed confuse me. Here is a link to the specs/manual:

I need at least 300 Mhtz to run Win 2000 server.

Can this mobo handle that speed?
What would you suggest I do with this mobo... get a new one?

I want to spend as little as possible to get Win2000 running on this old pc.

I'd have to go with h2k on this one.... without gutting the mainboard and processor and ram, the Evergreen Spectra 400 MHz seems to be the ticket. and if this thing is going to run a web page I'd recommend 256 MB of memory, memory is cheap right now anyway. Just to tell you though, unless you are running P2 Xeon 400's, 400 MHz is damn slow for a web server. I'd reconsider it's use, maybe it would be better utilized as a Linux box for a network firewall.....

Or spend $3 on a copy of Linux and Apache webserver. Probably run great on that machine as is :)