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getting the cpu I want from newegg

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Jun 27, 2002
Hey guys,
I'm trying to get an athlon64 cpu from newegg.
How is it possible to know what you're getting from newegg?
I mean, their codes don't match what they're calling the cpus.
They have AP which mean c0 stepping 2800 for example, but they call it a newcastle.
Then theres all the boxed retail ones. They don't even show the part of the code that tells you what revision it is...
I want a cg clawhammer 3200 or less. I'd settle for a newcastle. But I don't want a c0 half cache clawhammer :(
what's my best bet? the retail box 3200 1mb?
I'm thinking my best bet for a cg stepping is this http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc.asp?description=19-103-486&DEPA=1
since they specifically list the AX code and it seems new, not many votes/reviews. Not sure if it's newcastle or clawhammer, but alas it's only 512kb cache.

But what's my best bet for a cg 1MB clawhammer?
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Jun 18, 2001
Winston Salem NC
pick up the phone, and push the digits....Newegg does have a customer service department and i have found them extreamly helpfull in the past. Give them a call


Aug 14, 2003
Woodbridge, Va
to get a cg newcastle buy the ones that have AX in the model for the retail cpu's

like ADA3000AXBOX see the ax in thier thats a cg revision