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GF2 GTS 64meg vs GF2 Pro 64meg?

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Mar 13, 2001
In the barrel!
I've got an original GF256 DDR, thinking of upgrading. I can't see spending the $340+ for GF3. The two cards above list right around $140. Not too sure what the difference is and why one would be prefered over the other. Help anyone?
Geforce Pro has 5.5ns Memory which can be overclocked higher than the standard GTS.

I would buy the Pro if I were you or fork out a little more for the Geforce2 Ultra which has 4.5ns Memory and a higher clocked chip as well!

yes i STRONGLY recomend the geforce 2 ultra, its still the fastest card out, even beats the geforce 3 in framerates. Its only about 250$ to, which is well worth the performance. It is 250 core speed and 466 ram speed, and easilly can reach 265/500, which is just insane. Its so fast that I dont even leave it overclocked, just becuase there really isnt much of a performance gain, except when benchmarking lol.
I can show you plenty of reviews that dispute your claim that the Ultra is the fastest card and beats the GF3 in frame rates. The Ultra is a great card and might edge out the GF3 in a couple benchmarks or games, but the GF3 is by far the overall fastest video card.
I've got an gf2 pro 64 from gainward/cardex
it's a golden sample and reaches 285core and 495memspeed, that's faster than an ultra :)