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GF2 MX or VD 5 5500

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Feb 19, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
I have been contemplating buying a Leadteck GF 2 MX or VD 5 5500 for a while. I'm ready to step up to the plate here.
I want honest opinions and postable facts please. I will be purchasing one of these soon. I have read the reviews but not sure which are biased or not.
I know FPS belongs to the GF2 but at higher res the VD 5 closes the gap. I want to know about smoothness look feel all the good stuff. I play a lot of Q3 and UT and I know the VD5 card will rule in UT due to Glide. So give me your guts here.

PS. Shadow, I am leaning towards the VD 5500.....
This debate is older than the threads themselves.

If only playing UT, go for the voodoo.

Anything else will require something else (I won't even say radeon, but that's a viable alternative, anything but voodoo).

Glad you're joining us in the 21st Century.
Thanks for your help Pinky.......

But I do agree. I found a Leadtek GF2 for about 75.00 and a VD5 for a little more.
when i owned a voodoo 5 i never had a problem playing any of my driving games with 2 samples anti alising games such as all the need for speeds all of the nascars including 4 and to many more to mention. never once did i ever have to set the card up for a specific game or have to tweak it in any way or overclock.i also owned the hercules prophet 2mx 32 meg and was very happy with the benchmarks and the overclockabillity it was a really good card and taught me a lot cause it always seemed to need some kind of setting up to get my driving games to run the way i was used to with the voodoo5.i guess it all depends on what you know and how much you want to spend and i dont think anyone out there should ever have anything bad to say about anything ever made by 3dfx except the fact that they closed their doors and no longer offer factory support.the support is still there if you look for it because of all the die hard voodoo fans that are still making drivers and tweaking programs for the card.and i wont get into the price of a voodoo5 lets just say im going to get another one very soon.
i had to move my hard drive up to the top of the hidden bays to leave room for the voodoo 5 agp i only have a midtower.ill be the first to say its a rather large card
big honkin thing is pretty fecking big but not too big and l too like the card I think the v5 is a better choice of a G2 Ultra not the MX it isn't that great. what games do you play mostly?
There's nothing worse than the GF2 MX...I'd suggest a Radeon LE instead of both.
If you play older games it really does shine with 2x or 4x fsaa but whatever you do don't get the MX.
Bah are you guys kiddin me? The Geforce card is more bang for the buck. Plus Nvidia will be around for driver updates!!!!
CSaddict (Jun 29, 2001 08:10 a.m.):
Bah are you guys kiddin me? The Geforce card is more bang for the buck. Plus Nvidia will be around for driver updates!!!!

just a question, Have you ever used a VD 5 card?
samuknow (Jun 29, 2001 08:25 a.m.):
CSaddict (Jun 29, 2001 08:10 a.m.):
Bah are you guys kiddin me? The Geforce card is more bang for the buck. Plus Nvidia will be around for driver updates!!!!

just a question, Have you ever used a VD 5 card?

I have, a voodoo 3 3000. Nice card, but nothing extraordinary. I 'upgraded' to my current geforce 2 MX and have no complaints, NONE!!
I had the opportunity to use one when I built a machine for my boss. A 1 gig tbird on a kt7a board. It rocked in Q3 but I think I expected more. Maybe colors to be more vivid.
I have a friend that has the GF2 MX card just sitting. I might try it out and see what I think. I can't do a side by side comparison, but I should be able to tell if I like it more or less.
Nvidia owns the rights/source of the drivers so in truth it is Nvidia who will no longer allow new drivers cuz they won't release the source because they want you to upgrade.
ok, ive got a v5 and a p3 667. my friends got a gf2mx and a p3 933. my v5 is definately a better card. image quality is much better, and games run much better. we both play quake 3:urban terror and nolf. my v5 gets about 50 fps in q3 on 1024x768, 16bit, features up, and 2x fsaa. in nolf i use the same settings and it is highly playable.

now, u probably havent seen fsaa in action. its like giving steak to a dog. once he had that, he doesnt want to eat his dog food no more. it really is amazing.

now with a v5, the faster the cpu is, the better the v5 performs. it is a highly cpu dependent card. someone i talked to has a 1.4 tbird and he is just starting to see the v5 as the bottleneck.

now, arguments for the mx. the v5 will have no more driver support. if u plan on getting windows xp, it wont perform good. there is a way of getting drivers working for xp, but they suck.

i bought my v5 a year ago before 3dfx died for 225 off ebay and i havent regretted a day with it, but in a year, i think im gonna have to upgrade my good system and put the v5 in my shitty system.
yup rashy you are right but you paid 225! ouch! I got in on a sweet deal posted by member mudguts and paid 112shipped for 2.
yeah, but at the time the list price for it was 300. now i could get it for like 90.