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GF3 and AGP support?

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Mar 13, 2001
In the barrel!
Ok, my mobo only supports up to AGP2x. GF3 goes up to AGP4x. How much of a performance hit should I expect or is it even an issue since I'm o/cing?
Don't fret, with your system specs you won't notice a whole lot, the bandwidth is still great enough for some impressive results. There is a hit, but it's usually a 3dmark score drop and not in noticeable performance. I have AGP 2X and get some pretty remarkable results (see specs below).
That is a very big lie. AGP speeds reflect how much data can travel across the bus. 4xAGP allows over a gigabyte a second of data across the bus. The geforce3 is a high resolution card. Without hi-res the geforce is nothing more than an hyped up GTS2 Pro. Your going to need 4xAGP to hit 1600x1200 at a decent frame rate...

(2AGP) = 512000000 / 1600x1200x4 (4 bytes = 32bits)

66.6fps absolute maximum (considering its just video buffer)

This is poor considering i get 70-100 fps in Q3 at 1600x1200 with my GF3
I agree with pitspawn. And specially you, pinky should have noticed the difference from 2x to 4xAGP with your MX. I got over 10% overall performance gain...