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Good Mobo

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I need a Duron

Feb 4, 2001
I need a good mobo for a duron , just not an ABIT , im getting the PEP66 , and where to get a nice price.
I recommend Abit KT7A (RAID if you like) I understand that your pep actually fits this board quite nicely.
That is good to hear that the Pep fits on the KT7a.

A mobo is the only thing I am lacking for my system build, I have a Duron650 and the Alpha Pep66.

I have read a lot about the Asus A7V133 and it seems by everyone's articles and posts that the KT7A is really the board of choice.

Persoonally I was worried about the Pep fitting on the KT7a, but now I think ou cleared that up for me Eriksson.

Has anybody put the Pep on their KT7a?
I haven't put my system together yet as I'm still waiting for the CPU, but I test fit the PEP66 with the Delta fan on my KT7A-RAID and unless you can somehow mount it so the fan is sticking out past the mother board (if its mounted in a regular ATX case it would be pointing up towards the PSU) or rotate the shroud so that its mounted on top (see the KT7 mod on http://www.2cooltek.com ) then the fan will be right on top of two capacitors.

I also have a question for anyone who has top mounted a PEP66,
why is the opening facing the way it is? if the fan is blowing down (which is supposed to be better) shouldn't the oppening be towards the back right where the exhaust fan is?