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Gray Zone Warfare

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I got some good play time in this weekend so I was able to do a couple tasks. The rewards seem pretty good and the first couple were in and out. Also built my first M4 with an ACOG. No silencer yet though which sucks. Hopefully the range will allow me to snipe some before I go in places. I saw one guy running around with what looked like a modified AK but haven't figured out where to get those parts. Also found out auto fire makes a massive damage difference and is pretty accurate with 6-8 round bursts. I usually take down and enemy with one burst.
Well I lost two fully stocked bodies tonight due to a bug so I'm done until I see something in the patch notes about it. There are a bunch of posts on the steam forum about vanishing corpses after hotfix 3 so hopefully it will get fixed pronto. Just when I was getting good gear and having fun too.