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[GTX 760] - eGPU over Thunderbolt 2 - Issues

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Jan 6, 2005
I have recently bought an Atikio Box (thunderbolt 2) PCI-E solution. I have successfully got the PSU running with out the MOBO, it is hooked to my GTX 760. That is in turn connected to a molex powered 8x to 16x riser, which comes from the Atikio box's original PCI-E connection. I of course then run a thunderbolt cable to my laptop.

My issues are, that I cannot seem to get the laptop to stop using the onboard quadro instead of the Intel Iris solution which is what will make Optimus able to use my Laptops monitor when I want to game. Instead, I see the following:


Here is my setup:

Zbook 15
32 gb ram
Thunder Bolt 2 Port
Windows 8.1 Pro (had to downgrade because of apparent problems with Optimus and Windows 10)

Here are my bio options, I've tried all the combinations I can think of related to this.

- This might be my issue. I assume the D in dGPU is for discrete. I do not show an option for this. The closest I have is Hybrid Graphics, with options Enable, Disable, and Auto. If I use Enable or Auto, I get all three display units in Device Manager: Intel, Quadro, Geforce. If I select Disable, I only get the Quadro and the Geforce.

As anyone had any experience with egpu over thunderbolt?