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[H55M-P31] Huge vdrop and problems overclocking i7 875k

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New Member
Dec 21, 2018

Recently I've started to modify my rig so I can settle with new GPU, but first I messed arround researching how to OC. I've managed to OC my i3 530 to 3.8GHZ on this rig before, and my PC looks like this:

i7 875k from i3 530
4x2GB(2x2 Dual Chanel) clocked to 1600 on stock voltage
MSI GT 630 (which I'll swap to 1060/1070 overtime)
500W PSU (AKYGA 500W LPK12-30 which I'll swap with GPU since it's on the "AVOID AT ALL COST" list but with this setup there's should be enough juice)

So what's the problem? The problem is that I cannot overclock my unlocked CPU using multiplayer only because system won't see any changes (and it's propably due to Intel Turbo Boost) any multiplayer above 22 is seen by motherboard but it isn't set, there's also two different clocks on my mobo listed, one as CPU itself and it has clock speed of 133x22, and second as "OS Speed" which on stock settings is 133x24 due to Turbo Boost, also my VCORE is locked to arround 1.32 and scale goes only to +0.302vcore in bios. Tried to change Turbo Boost multiplayer but even with voltage all the way up, after boot system sees 1.32 and then vdrops to 1.288 and then freezes to death. I've got latest BIOS and I've been strugling few days now, any ideas?

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please merge after i3 530

My cooler is Noctua NH-D14.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
IIRC, you cant overclock on h55 boards...(past turbo). Not sure offhand though...been forever since I've used that platform.

The voltage drop can be mitigated by enabling Load Line Calibration (LLC). Your board isnt exactly built for overclocking.. weak power delivery...no heat sinks on the power delivery... makes sense we are seeing droop.

The 'avoid at all costs' statement has nothing to do with the amount of power but how clean and stable the power is. I'd be worried that brick would take out your rig.. get a better psu first. Seriously. :)
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Dec 21, 2018
Yeah, looks like it worked with 2C/4T i3 530 @ 3.9Ghz but 4C/8T i7 875k is too much of a hassle for my motherboard. What I ment saying "there's enough juice" was that there's not so much load on PSU that it could make that much of a vdrop and it seems I was wrong, so I'd like to ask you a few questions.

What PSU would you recomend for me considering that I want to switch to GTX 1060 if I find it possible 6GB version? Should I go for any cheapest >=500W >=Bronze certified one?
I think that I would have to stick with this platform for some time, and I would still like to OC it (since OC'd it can handle 1070 Ti iirc), so what motherboard would you recomend? Should I go for GA-P55-USB3 or P7P55D or there's a better one?