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Hard Drive problems

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Mar 19, 2001
Ok I just now got my computer running
I installed windows 98 and everything was fine untill I noticed that windows thought my hd was only 1.99 gigs

my bios says its 30 gigs wich it is.......
I have a westerdigital 30 gig HD
1.2 ghz tbird cpu
a KA-266-r mb and 128 of ram 2100
what should I do?
reformat the HD and reinstall win98?
or is there something else in the bios that I have to play with?
the win98 cd came with my Dell computer
Have you fdisked this WD HDD in your new AMD machine? Does the proprietary Dell version Win98 that you have come from a Dell AMD machine? If it came with a Dell PII/PIII you may have a lot of problems with it.
the Win98 came from a P3 550 and the HD is bought new

why would win98 from a p3 make a difference?

I dont know if I had it fdisked right now in fdisk it says I have 28624meg and the total drive space it says I have 28624 megs thats in type Pri Dos
I'm sure the most win98 will recognize is 1.99 gb on a hd. Mine is 20 separated into 4 partitions, but win98 se still reports it to be 1.99 on each one. Try scandisk for winders and you'll see all your hd space adds up.
There is always a little "slippage" between the capacity of the drive and what fdisk sees it as. For one thing, HDD makers count "1000" where he rest of the PC world counts "1024." fdisk appears to be telling you the straight poop about your HDD. I suggest using fdisk, then your 30 Gig WD will no longer be a "1.99" Gig drive.

'Fraid that Dell's "Win98" and the OEM version of "Win98" are probably different. The key word here is "proprietary." As far as PC enthusiasts are concerned, proprietary hardware and software are essentially training wheels. Fine for your first widdle bicycle. After you've garnered enough experience to build your own trail bike, training wheels only get in the way.

I don't have the energy to explain the evil of "proprietary" in a more scientific manner at the moment. Sorry.