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Highest FSB with KT7A-Raid board?

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Feb 4, 2001
Im currious what is the highest <stable> FSB everyone has achived with their KT7A-RAID board.

As well what ram is in your system?
I have only tested as high as 140. I'm running some generic CAS2 PC100 memory so I can't push that stuff too far before it craps all over me. I'm going to get soem Crucial CAS2 PC133 stuff this summer, hopefully.

147 Crucial Pc 133cas2(7ns) 147x11 T-bird 1333---1606---1.85v wzb01 with hpt1.10b
I ran folding for few days on my AbitKT7-R, using 160x6.. And this was with generic pc133 cl3 memory. ???
Mine will do 150 2-2-2, but refuses to do 155 regardless of multiplier. That may not be the boards fault, but perhaps some other limiting factor in the add-on cards or even the cpu. I and other people have had KT7A boards that would not do above 133. I sent mine back and the second one which is what I'm using now is fine. Make sure you get your mobo from a vendor who offers a satisfaction guarantee, because a mobo that is rated for 133, runs 133 fine, but not higher is not grounds for an RMA. Some dealers and certinly Abit are real fussy about that. NewEgg has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and will waive the restocking fee if you need to send it back in exchange for another one of the same model.

147 with no problems (not tested higher, it scares me)
Make of ram .... Crucial

Duron 800 @ 1050 with Global Win FOP-32 (140 x 7.5)
( CPU @ 36 c loaded .. System @ 25 c Loaded )
Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo
512 mb (133 mhz Crucial Stuff)
Elsa Gforce with Blue Orb (modified to display as a Quadro and overclocked http://www.tweakhardware.com/guide/quadro/ )
Sound Blaster Live
Hard Drive Cooler
Full Tower with 5 (120 mm) case fans with seperate PSU