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FRONTPAGE HIS HD 7970 Graphics Card Review

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Ok, now i got it. So its for those PCs who got a horizontally mounted GPU. Which isnt the case for me. Indeed, the heavy weight can push the GPU downwards but that wont happen when the card is mounted vertically.
I've definitely noticed video cards sagging on that end, back to an 8800GTX long ago (especially with a full coverage water block). The weight lifter would fix that problem. That said, I probably wouldn't use it because of aesthetics. As long as the card works I could deal with a little sag in exchange for less case clutter. :)
I don't think I'd use the weight lifter either. At least not for 24/7 in a windowed PC. What about for cases where the PSU mounts on the bottom of the case? Can the weight lifter extend as far as shown in jd101's pic plus the height of a PSU, or would the weight lifter sit on the PSU?

The end part of the PCB will slightly lower over a period of time, it's just psychics.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself when I saw your "psychics" typo for "physics" :chair:
Its not wrong, some people get psychic when the physics isnt perfected! So its almost chained to each others.

Anyway, included/needed or not, HIS simply is giving some bonus, especially for those who get psychic at physics.
Looking good skoreanime! Is that a lapped CPU I spy?

Yep, lapped the 3930k. I never go to a mirror shine as I found from past experience leaving it a bit rough gives better temps (for me any ways). My theory is like when you put down a tile floor. Like how I use water cooling to silence a power house rig, I lap to make the IHS level, not shiny. But that's another argument for another time ;)
Well, I think you're correct, FWIW. You've got the first lapped SNB-E that I've seen, congrats! :thup: