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how can i lower tempature without new fans, heatsinks

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Feb 5, 2001
Hi i have a 1.2ghz tbird 200fsb abit mohterboard(i bought it at 1.2ghz its not overclocked) and my heatsink is a taisol cgk with a sunon 24cfm fan. I heard that taisol is a really good heatsink but soemtimes my cpu temp gets to be 55 celsius which it only has does once in awhile but it gets me worried. Its usally at 53. my case temp is 33 celsius. I heard u can lower the temp by lowering the the voltage how low should i put it and how dangerous can that be?

Ps: when i first ordered my abit kt7 raid motherbopard it was dead on arrival and when they ssent me a new one i9 realized on the mb chip it said kt7a-raid and the instrcution manual said istructions for abit kt7, kt7-raid, kt7a, kt7a-raid and be4 it didnt mention the kt7a so how can i know for sure which one it is? thanks
oh yea i also am usiang artic silver 2 thermal compund or whatever its called.
you might be able to lower the voltage but unless you have gotten lucky and can set it really low then don't expect a great differance, the problem is in your case temp of 33oC I think, is this your motherboard temp or the ambient air temp, also are you measuring the cpu temp with a temp probe in the socket or your own touching the die of the chip, as ones in side the socket can be wrong by quite a bit. I know you didn't want to add any fans but you should have at least 2 case fans on top of what your psu has in it (one behind the cpu one at the bottom front) and maybe adding a slightly beter fan thatn that 22cfm one, even the 27cfm 60mm ys-tech fan would be better as I doubt with out improving your cooling you could get that temp down much
the temps i got were from the VIA system monitor and can lowering the voltage be dabgerious it says
vcore valure= 1.81
3.3v value = 3.48
5v value = 4.68
12 v value= 12.07

could anohter problembe maybe i put to uch or to little aritc silver 2 on? Actually i didnt put this together my uncles freind whose put like tons of comps together for me did but he said he always used thermal tape and it was his first time with the artic silver 2.
oh yeah what fans would u recommend on 3dcool.com they have a twin turno and super duper slot fan they get good ratings would these be any good?
Lowering your Vcore will be a bonus, if possible. Lowering your ambient temperatures(if possible) and lapping your heatsink base properly, clearing up anything in your case that may be impeding air flow. You can also try ducts made of the vitually unobtainable cardboard.

In addition to less applied voltage, lowering your ambient temperatures will directly effect your temperatures, my other suggestions are basically trial and error.
Just keep your case full of ice and you should be running at some nice temps :D
"To dream, the impossible dream." I think that's how one of the tunes from Camelot went. There are two ways to reduce heat.
1. Generate less heat.
2. Remove the heat faster.

Unless you're a genius at scrounging things and adapting them for the purpose of cooling your box, the only way to get less heat is to produce less heat. This may involve de-clocking your CPU, etc back to the Stone Age, in aid of reducing the voltage they require.

If you'd rather have a 7x86 box instead of a de facto 5x86, you'll need to spend money to beef up your cooling ability. I know, the world can be unfair.

All is not lost, if you've no dough to spend on cooling gear at the moment, but need more cooling, just remove the left hand case cover from your PC. Station a house fan of 12" or more a foot away from the case. Then blast your case's interior. Unfortunately, open cases and small children or pets with too much curiousity are a hazard. And not just to your PC's innards! Extra dust is also a problem. It's always something.
I agree that the case temp is high. I had somewhat the same situation in my case. My fix was to get a 5 1/2 bay hard drive cooler and put it in my top bay ( in thinking heat rises ). I did modify it so that it blows OUT vs IN. I turned the 3 fan array around and stupid glued it in place. It dropped the case temp by +/- 5 deg. C. I also got a good case fan w/ filter blowing in at the bottom.( another 2 or 3 deg C ) The other thing I would do in your place is to reset the HSF on the chip. There is a chance that your friend ( being that he was not experienced with paste ) did not apply it correctly. There are some articles on the home page of this site that tell you exactly how to do it.
Once you have the temps down, push that puppy and see what it will do for you.
this is just my 2 cents, but, i think you are going to want and consider some extra cooling fans, before you go messing areound with the voltage on yer mobo, it's not hard to do at all, all of my comps that are overclocked have extensive case cooling, this is also very cheap to do, just drill a few holes in yer case, one or two blowing over the mobo and processor, one to draw cool air in from the front of the case, one expeling hot air out of the back of the case and one or two at the top of the case blowing air out of the top, i am not 100% sure, but i would put money on the fact that this would work a hell of a lot better then changing some setting on yer mobo
My first post! Hi.

First, if 53C is your normal idle temp, then check out the Via Chipset tweaking guide at AthlonOC.com, or try one of the CPU cooling programs. Getting bit 7 of register 52 set will help a bit (if its not already set by your MB BIOS).

Second, reducing the core voltage may help. I found a significant (1-2C) temp change for every 0.1C I dropped the voltage. Unfortunately, for me anything below 1.65V would give problems running Prime95, so check for stability after each change.

Of course, I've been bitten by the 'cooler' bug too much to just use these methods - my MC462 should arrive this week :)

Good luck.