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how do i "fdisk" a NTFS partion?????????

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Jan 23, 2002
yuba city
fdisk does not seem to be able to delete a ntfs partion whats the problem?

ps how come the happy face menu on the right side of the message field is gone??
I've run into that problem a few times. Usually you'll need to boot up with the NT/Win2K disks and remove the partitons once you reach the disk configurator it has. Once you delete them you can simply restart and then FDISK it the way you want it with the 95/98 startup disk.
In FDISK, there shoyuld be an option that says "Delete other partitions," or something to that effect. I used it recently, and it worked
this little prog is called
What it does is kill the Zero Sector of a HDD, and it works great at removing those nastly partitions that just wont go away.
NTFS, Linux, you name it, this is the program that you want.....

if you have more than one partion on the drive, they will all go away...

Boot with a DOS or 9X boot disk and run.
Sounds like NoPar.sec that we use. No data in approx .5 seconds, what's worse is we have it on bootable floppies as part of a set of destructive testing. We get paranoid when copying these disks.
For a more subtle touch you can download the boot disks for NT off of microsoft.com Im pretty sure they have 2K as well. XP also has NTFS.
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