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How many fans do you have...lying around?

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Hey I have so many fans if I mount them on my roof ill have a house copter

Seriously tho I have so many fans its sick, I never throw them away even if they die, just incase I need some parts out of them.
probably a half dozen, but they are constantly coming in and out because other friends need new fans.
Here, Cooler Master US fans come in 6-packs for 20 bucks...

So I have like 10-12 of those around, I use them on a AT PS as cooling
I have around 30 others mixed fans, can't remember all the brands
Just bought 10 120mm Sunon fans off E-Bay to go into my WC setup. Other than those, maybe a half dozen 80mm and a few HSF from old PIII's.
I have:
one case of 120mm deltas 1212??(36 fans)
2 cases of 80mm fans Generic(80 fans/ea)
about 30 misc 80mm fans pulled from various things
maybe 10 92mm fans same as above
and maybe 15-20 60mm for the same reason.
10 40mm cross-flow fans because I find things that are smaller than a cell phone that make as much noise as a 92mm delta screamer to be funny :D
and maybe 5 fans ranging in size from 160-200mm. Because ya neven know when you need to levitate a small er... large animal

I am ashamed to have so few fans.. like SSS said, can never have too many but if you cant build a full dinning set out of them you don't have enough. :beer:

*edit* oh and the number of salvaged fans usually goes up by several a week but I also use quite a few, heh. :)
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well im new on the forum so here one of my first posts.

i have 200 92mm panaflos.
2 80mm AC ryan's
1 120mm AC ryan
1 120 coolermaster
1 140mm aero cool
1 120mm panaflo
3 80mm coolermaster's
1 80mm generic
and my water cooling tower just the tower it has a no actual computer componets in it one huge rad and pump, res, and filport, with 2 fan controllers. it has 22 in it at the moment. and the panaflos i got one hell of a deal on them so i bought them.

so a total of 232 fans. it a lot.
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