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How often do you water people change your water?

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Depends what type of system (open/closed) and what else you are putting in it. I read about you juice idea LOL. Everyweek sound a little overkill. If you are putting in additives, that could get expensive.
hmmmm going on a year for me now...No sign of me changing anytime soon either...It's a closed loop system with distilled water and water wetter. Nothing growing and its holding the same temps. I just transfer the system grom my Tbird to a new 1.6a P4. Doesn't look like i'll ever have any need to change it...I figure after a year, nothing is gonna happen to it that hasn't already. :)
I used to have a closed system, I never changed the water, I had it for around 6 months and used water wetter.
I had mine on 24/7 also
I'd say check it every month..

and look into putting bleech or something into it.. a small ammount, not something that will overpower you, but something that will keep the water clean.

I ran my system for nearly a month with the top of a 5 gallon bucket off, and the water got pretty dirty with no additives
What if you get a good batch of water that you don't wanna change?

Is there any way of checking the stepping and production code on this stuff?

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