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How to get the water out of the system.

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Nov 7, 2016
I am stripping down my water cooling in preparation for new components at some point in the near future.

I am using hardline tubing, which looks so much better than the old bendy stuff.

However, damn it's a pain trying to get all the water out. I have water collecting at the cpu block and gpu block.

Does anyone have any tips to get most of it out other than be careful.

The old stuff didn't look as good but it was really easy to take out of the case.

Kind of solved it, well everything Is out now.

I attached some soft tube to a point with no liquid in and blew down the tube. 99% of it came out of the drain with only a few drops left.

Something I hadn't noticed at all whilst the pc was running was the water block had cracks running through it. Not sure if I did this during installation and it's been running for 2-3 years fine or if it has happened recently. upload1501343166.778202.jpg

They didn't run too deep though which probably helped me get away with it. Mite look for a new block that isn't some form of plastic.

Those are stress cracks. I see a few of them are through the threads. Best to RMA if possible and/or replace the waterblock. Maybe getting a replacement top will be a cheaper alternative. I'm thinking if you tighten the fitting a notch too far, it will break clean through.

That looks bad.
Good decision. Check Phobya and see if they can replace the top. You ain't got nothing to lose since you're already getting a new block.
RMA or replace the top and sell that block. That's one of the main reasons why I steer away from acrylic and plexi like the plague. I only stick with acetal because of its strength and durability or metal.