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how to get those project 20x's

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Computational Oncologist / Biomathematician / Mode
Apr 3, 2002
Bloomington, IN
Hi. Ever since that early Christmas with the Pala-etc. WU's ended, my boxes have been getting p16x's and p17x's, which is killing my productivity.

I've been using the "fah" preference in the -config setup, along with -advmethods -forceasm flags, just as I've always done. However, NONE of my linux boxes has tried anything other than a p16x or p17x, with an occastional p183...cunf. (And I'm talking 7 different linux boxes here.)

My windows XP machine finally got a p20x. It has the same settings, and I'm using console for both windows and linux.

Is there something I'm missing?

Are other linux users having the same problem?

Thanks! -- Paul
this is what they're pushing on right now so stay with it, don't do it just for points, do it for the cause, i personally didn't switch anything over, take it as they give it.
They are running on the Tinker core, so its just luck of the draw for right now.
Ah, thanks. Interestingly enough, my XP box got a p610_tetP30_build_ext unit today. It's running roughly 9:00 per frame on my PIII @ 1341. It's worth 7, and the Stanford site just says this:

Project 610

This is a special adv methods project for now. More details soon :)
[the smilee is theirs]

-- Paul