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HSF fan idea

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Bad Maniac

Jun 19, 2001
anotherone of my littel ideas that one of you could try out.
Imagine the attached picture as seen from the front of the case. one fan in the normal place, and one blowing from the underside to the top of the heatsink.
maybe you could get more airflow through the heatsink when using the 7v mod or maybe even wiring the two fans in serial to lower rpm and noise.

Comments please.
can't tell what kind of sink that is, but if it's something with "fins" I'd think you'd get turburlance from it. (yea I know I can't spell) Seems you'd do better with a fan on each end.......one pushing and one pulling.

Make sure you don't overpower the slowest fan with air coming from the other one. I also think that you need to place the fans on another angle, you can do that by placing the fan on top of the heatsink closer to the other one, and lift the side away from the fan at the side of the block. By doing that you will accomplish that the fans aren't blowing to each other on a 90 degree angle. Therefore you will have a lot more air coming out of the side without a fan as 2 fans blow in that direction.

I don't know if this will work, but it's worth a try. If you do so plz let me know the result will ya :)
It can be pretty much any heatsink model, I just drew lines on it to give it a "heatsink-ish" look.

and Yeah ofcourse I will post how it turns out, only that will probably take a few months, I dont even have a PC to test it in now =)
You want to set the cooling fiefdom on its ear, come up with a way to make this work:

Four small fans one on each side blowing in, appx. 40x10mm or 40x15mm. One larger fan, equal in cfm (under load) to the four smaller ones (under load), on exhaust, out of the top. Front case fan blowing in, rear exhausting out, or blowhole, with duct on the HS exhaust fan, blowing out the side panel directly above it. Despite small clearances on some sides of my HSF, I may try this myself, sometime.