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I got my mobo and athlon and heat sink all together, so this means

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New Member
Feb 2, 2001
that in order to OC my chip, bridge the L1 connectors...

i have to take fan, heat sink off and make the marks on the chip.

I think the place where I bought this combo at put the paste between the heat sink and chip... therefore I cannot make the marks on the L1 connectors.

Is this right?

((I have KT7 mobo and Enlight 7237 case.))

I have never taken chip/heatsink/etc off before. I am a little nervous because i think i might screw something up.

I bought the combo at Monarchcompputers. I did not ask them, but I assume they put the paste on the chip/heatsink... which would prevent me from OC my chip.

Also, I take it I need to take out mobo from case to remove heatsink,chip...

Sorry for sounding so much like a whimp...

but have been without PC for a month and don't want to screw it up.

BUT would like to OC it.

Do you know which hsf it is? Some come off quite easily, like the Alphas, but others (Gorbs) are lethal. If you can get it off you should be able to pencil in the bridges - the thermal paste should only be on the raised cpu core, not the ceramic (where the bridges are). You'll need to reapply thermal paste, so make sure you have some to hand (arctic silver's the best). When taking the hsf off, be careful not to rock it - and if you need to, use a screwdriver or pliers to push the clip down and take it off. I know some hsf's can be quite dangerous, so you are right to be cautious.
first of all before you begin take a few deep breaths .
yes it may be necesary to remove the mobo from case to make proper adjustments ..
in some cases it may not be necessary depending on how much room you got to play with .. but play it safe , its your first time! uaah!
you will need a magnifying glass and good lighting (these suckers are small)
as well, if you did not specificly ask for the usage of paste between the heatsink and cpu, they will most likely have used what came with the heatsink, a cheesy maxi heat pad.
of so arm your self with a brand new razor blade, fine grit(900+grit)sand paper, and rubbing alcohol or thinner.
Shave the pad off , clean the residue from the heatsink with the rubbing alcohol.
if you put any nicks on the heatsink with the razor, run your finger over it. if you feel any snags just buff it out with the sand paper (2or3 strokes should do it, your just trying to smothe any protruring metal, not get the nick out).
after sandpapering clean surface again and do finger test again as long as theres no snags, the paste will take care of any crevases that you may have made .
dont do any sand papering over the mother board.
just take it step by step .
and have fun.