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I REALLY killed my alpha.

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Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I accidentally knocked it off my bench whilst, putting my system back together. Of all the things it chose to land on, it hit a power cord plug. Nice big dent in it. Geuss which side? You got it! The mating surface! Must be like the murphy's law that states that the slice of bread will always land on the floor buttered side down. This brings me to my question. Seeing as I have a bunch of other HSFs lying around here, which one would you suggest I use till I can get another alpha. CPU is an 800 celeron. I have the following HSFs. 933Mhz Intel hsf lapped(with a 1Ghz fan on it), the stock HSF that comes with the celeron, an oem "high capacity" HSF lapped. Or should I quickly run out to the store and grab an orb to tide me over till I can get the alpha?
I would not waste my hard earned dollars on an ORB.
I would make due with what you have untill you can get the Heat sink you really want. How bad is the dent in your Alpha? Is it just a small ding that could be milled off? If you know anyone with a small hobby mill or have a local Machine shop you could have them take a
few clean up cuts on it if it's not to deep and see if that
solves the problem.
Yeah, try to mill or sandpaper it if the dent isn't too deep. But make sure you (or the machinist) doesn't remove so much material as to render the Alpha structurally weak or difficult to clip on the CPU again.
I thought about filing the thing down and re-lapping it, but when I looked more closely at it, I noticed the dent is pretty big, and I'd have to remove too much material to do it by hand. Having it re-milled, cost wise and finding a machine shop open on the weekend is pretty much not an option. Besides which, the clips would end up being loose if I removed that much of the heat sink.
What type o' system you got?

Either go for the Intel 933 or the OEM 'High perfomance' one, depending on what's got the most surface (fin) area. Don't use the Celly HSF. Mine's sitting in my sisters K6-2 500 (non- OC) system. I might consider sticking it onto my graphics card as well, if I could spare the PCI slots, but that's about it. BTW, you might have to clock it down a bit with the std/oem sinks, but it's better to have a system that's running at std speed, than one which isn't running at all, right?

It's such a pity you live in Canada; if you lived in the UK, I would ask how much you want for the clip. I bent my PEP66's clip in a removal accident, and now it don't sit straight. I've been after a new clip since the beginning of the year... I don't wanna fork out for a new Sink, when I have one which I nicely lapped, but the clip is busted. Some dude (not on the forum, I must add, but from a link provided by someone on the forum)said he could get us one from a place in the states, and because he'd be oredering in a lot of kit, it meant that the delivery charges wouldn't be OTT. At least $10 for it gets there when it gets there delivery...

Never mind.