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Jan 4, 2024
I have done a lot of research on the Intel & Amd side and IMO I think on the intel side the i7-14700k is the best well rounded CPU for gaming anyone else agree or disagree. There's also a Amd CPU but I don't remember which one is it sorry.:(
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It's hard to compare (or w/e you're trying to do here - you looking to affirm the decision you already made about your build...?) without the AMD CPU listed. If you're primarily gaming, the AMD 7850X3D is also a solid CPU and does better in many games, but it lacks juuuuuust a bit in daily tasks (compared to its non-X3D counterpart)... it's also around $30 cheaper than 14700K, currently.

What is better depends on the user and what they are looking for, really. But there are plenty of quality AMD chips out there that compete both performance and price-wise with the 14700K.