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I'm taking the plung from Intel to AMD

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New Member
Feb 8, 2001
I am gonna sell my P3V4X and PIII 667 and gonna get me an T-Bird 900

I've read some posts on Motherboard choices, and I would like some input.

I am a big Asus fan (never had any trouble with them at all), and I installed a A7V133 on a friends system tonight. I have read a bunch of reviews, and most seem to favour the Abit KT7a which is a bit cheaper than the Asus A7V133 board.

I'm gonna use generic PC133 ram (outta my P3V4X)

My question is this - I am looking for stability more than high OC speeds. Is a golden Orb good enough for overclocking (even to a small extent). How about the Super Orb. Also is the Abit board comparable (BIOS settings & features/benchmarks)

I'm looking to get the speed up to at least 1Ghz -- but why stop there ;)

Also, would DDR ram work with either board. If it did work, would the difference be noticable (for the price diff).

Any other boards which I should consider (same price range .. ect.) I don't think I need RAID ....
I went with AMD too....see sig, CPU and cooler, artic silver compound, copper spacer (to protect and to serve ;D ) should be here today. They need to hurry up. :)
FIRST. dont put a ORB anything on a AMD chip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will kill it

get a FOP38 or a ALPHA PAL6035

second. i have been a ASUS fan for 6 years and havent had anything but
but i bought the ABIT KT7A-RAID and i will tell you one thing
I have never had a more stable system in my life with this abit board
and also just the construction of the board and the quallity components on here

i have to say this "THIS BOARD ROCKS !"

also i would suggest Mushkin PC-133 Rev.3 RAM for your machine

super stable ram and it fast and will take to 154mhz CAS2
i have 2 sticks in mine and they rock

T Bird 950 @ 1200 (141 x 8.5) KT7A-RAID
As Azz says, using a gorb on an AMD chip is suicide - using any orb at all is not worth it, as they're pretty crap at cooling, which is what you want them to do (though they do look cool). DDR ram will not work in any KT133a boards, and if I were you I'd go with what Azz suggested again, the mushkin RAM. The KT7a would definitely get my vote over the asus, as it seems to outperform it consistently, though it might be worth considering the new Iwill board that's just got a good writeup from Joe: http://www.overclockers.com./articles344/