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Instaled K7V mobo & need help

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May 3, 2001
Virginia, USA
I just installed a new K7V mobo w/ 384 MB Micron, V6800 AGP card. I left all the jumpers turned off for default setting and turned it on. I got a continuous siren sounding beep code. I thought it wasn't recognizing my memory so I ordered some Corsair. While I'm waiting I put the old MSI mobo back in and it won't boot (I get a message "check for signal"). I got a replacement for the old MSI board and it didn't help. I tried the new memory in the replacement board and it didn't help. It looks like maybe I fried the processor some how on the Asus board. I'm waiting for a new processor to come in (process of elimination). Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?
Mmmmmmmmm there are different sorts of "sirens" / "beeps" on the K7V indicating various issues...

However I'm guessing yours is CPU related...
If the CPU is clocked to high, voltage to low or rooted (basically it won't POST) then you get like a high/low siren noise...

Your CPU may be rooted but Slot A's were pretty sturdy... Does it get warm when you power up?
I think that the problem is that the K7V board is for the classic processor and I was trying to use a Tbird, which requires the K7V-T mobo (thanks Railskinner)

Anyone looking for a Asus K7V mobo?
That was the problem sure enough.
I plugged a 650 classic in the thing and all I heard was 1 beep and into the bios settings I went.
It is amazing what what a new mobo can do. That MSI 6191 was a pain in my back side.