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Intel p5?

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Oct 15, 2002
This has been floating up in the air with me for awhile. I was wondering, any ideas on when the pentium 5 will be out? Will the prescott abandon penitum 4 and be the new p5? Post your thoughts on what the starting pentium 5 ghz will be and your thoughts on what will happen to the p4.
The Prescotts won't be around until the end of next summer. The starting GHz will be at least 3.2 -- and most likely 3.4-3.6.

The commercial name of the chip is still up in the air. There've been several threads discussing whether it will be called P4 or P5. I doubt it'll be called a P4. P5 is a possibility. But the name of course doesn't tell you much.

Whatever they name it, I'm sure the P4 Northwoods will still be available through all of 2003.
The Teja is the first to be abandoning the P4 architecture according to I think it was The Inquirer or X-bit labs... so maybe that'll be the P5
No, Tejas is based on the architecture of the Willamette, Northwood, and Prescott chips (i.e. the P4). Nehalem is the totally new generation, but who knows what it will be like.
i dont believe that the p5's, if any will be here till 2004. i think the prescott with still be p4 and will rock. everybody is talking about the granite bay, and i believe that it is made by abit.:( my buddie at virtual pc's said that the new manufacturers of the abit boards will be crappy.
Granite Bay is the Intel Dual DDR chipset for Socket 478. It will turn up in boards by all of the usual suspects, beginning at the end of November according to recent reports.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Prescott ship before Q3/2003. My SWAG (scientific wild-a**ed guess) is for a mid to late spring launch.

ok :) dont laugh @ me but whats dual DDR ? just what it sounds like ? for eg... 2xDDR400=800Mhz of banwith ?
residentevil2 said:
i dont think they will next year since the prescott will be 3.06ghz and that wont be here till next summer i just dont see intel pushing 1gig in just a few months

Prescott's will start somewhere around 3.2GHz IIRC. The 3.06GHz CPU's are the first P4 non-Xeon chips to support hyperthreading, but they are Northwoods in design. And those should be available to the consumer in a matter of weeks.
i dunno bout you guys but i am going to get my hands on one of those new gigabyte boards with serial ATA and granite bay ddr!
I know this isn't helpful, but P5 sounds sooo boring....
But seriously, I don't expect 4Ghz until 2004... sales are already falling, I don't think that there is a great demand for such high speeds... On the other hand, how much do u guys think that a .9 micron Prescott will overclock :) ?