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internal GPU stability

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Jun 22, 2002
Asheville, NC
I've got an i5 6600k with a Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 board and some memory that's getting a bit of an overclock with relaxed timings from 3200 to 3600.

I'm overclocking the CPU with the turbo settings rather than straight Multiplier, so it spins up various cores to various speeds for duration and scales them back.

I've got the voltages for both memory and the CPU bumped up near the ceiling of safety, but am still tweaking those.

Peak Turbo is currently ~4.5Ghz but it settles in after a while at 4Ghz or so. I could probably extend that a bit but... When I run memtester (linux) for a while the screen I have on the onboard Intel GPU starts to get some artifacts and go black periodically.

I use a lot of monitors (5) and I'd prefer to keep the internal GPU functional and use it.

Before I continue increasing the CPU overclock and refining the voltage, I want to figure out how I can keep the GPU stable.

What factors primarily impact internal GPU stability?
Is it CPU heat? will increasing voltage help with stability?
Or is it more northbridge or memory related?
Any suggestions on how to tweak things?
The iGPU runs off of system RAM... so you get improvements there overclocking the RAM. You can also get instability from RAM too.

That said, I dont touch the igpu for any reason. It's there to put an image on the screen and a backup to my discrete card.

Are you seeing instability?? How would tweaking your igpu help your situation? What exactly are you after with these tweaks? I'm confused as, an igpu isn't a gamer....even overclocked.

Also, for stabillty... test. Put things back to stock... does it work? Something wasn't stable or possibly overheating. Test and find out. ;)
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I did go with getting the ram a bit more stable and it does seem to have toned down the artifacts.
Definitely good at stock.