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Is There a Recommendation on Upgrading a Benching Setup

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Jan 12, 2015
As I have stated this a Straight Benching Motherboard recommendation and as such it needs to run SLI/CF setups. I’m currently using a Asus z490 Hero that has 3 PCIe slots (8x8x4) with a i9-10900k (sp 63) for benching my GPU collection. I’m missing 2 cards from have the complete GTX-4xx <-> 10xx 50/60/70/80 series 2, 3, and 4 way setups.I also have a Asus z590 Apex with a i9-11900k (sp 50) BUT it refused to POST when I had 2 of these cards installed GTX-450/550/560. When I checked the manual it stated - Nvidia 2 way SLI Technology* __ *Support Varies with Different Graphics Cards :-(
I would like to upgrade to the z690 or z790 setup with a i9-13900k. I would like to know before purchase that it will POST with the LOWER end cards installed. I did the basic search for the following:
Asus z690 Apex *No Nvidia/AMD Support Mentioned in Manual
Asus z790 Apex *No Nvidia/AMD Support Mentioned in Manual
EVGA z690 Dark *Nvidia SLI Ready ??
EVGA z790 Dark *No Nvidia/AMD Support Mentioned in Manual
Gigabyte z690 Xtreme *No Nvidia Support Mentioned in Manual
Gigabyte z790 Tachyon *No Nvidia/AMD Support Mentioned in Manual
MSI z690 MEG Ace *Supports Nvidia SLI Technology
MSI z790 MEG Ace **No Nvidia Support Mentioned in Manual

Has anyone been able to post these boards with a GTX-460/560/660/Ect when 2 are installed?

I also have a Dark and Apex x299 mb with a i9-7960 and i9-7980 for the 3 & 4 way setups.

Thank You :thup:
I am surprised the Asus SLI boards cant do it.

I did try to run my 580 Matrix Platinum on AM4 once, it was a bit sketchy in uefi. The system did not seem to be impressed with my decision.
That’s what got me upset. I had the z590/11900k and the board refused to post so I bought the 10900k. This still didn’t work so I had to then buy a z490 board :-( It also doesn’t help if it will run 2 gtx-780ti but not the 770 and below :cry:
Support is ended at 2020 by AMD and NV on all motherboards. If a Z690 says it supports GTX 580 560 SLI, it's a lie.

Try socket 1155 sir. WXP and W7 will be easier to install as well. ;)

(I know, I know, trying to take advantage of the powerful 13th gen chips. I get it.)
Has anyone had luck with the AMD 7950x + x670e boards? I check the manuals and it looks like x470/x570 boards support SLI/CF but the 5950x max freq was 4.9 :-(
last i tried was single gpu with active 3d 120hz
asus 144hz monitor worked years ago great.

set it up to find that 3d support was removed from the drivers
CF typically works on everything that has 2 PCIe slots as it uses PCIe bus to transfer all data and it's enabled in supported graphics driver. SLI needs additional support and usually it doesn't work on new motherboards as the driver locks it. In theory it could work, but Nvidia doesn't want to. Some motherboards had custom drivers for SLI, and I think there were beta drivers that Nvidia forgot to lock, too. I don't remember mobo models.
Maybe check hwbot world records and what motherboards were used. It will suggest what is the best you can get.
^ Thanks Woomack :) Still working on beating your scores from a i7-4770/90 @ 6.4 with LN2 + xx GPU. Do you know if I need the addition power connector (In the manual it says for power hungry cards) on the MB (6 pin GPU/4 pin Molex) for
2 GTX-580/680/780Ti/ect..ect Classy’s?? The z490 Hero (WiFi) that I’m using does not have one..
This is an Update on my problem with the z590 Apex. I also asked over on HwBot this same Question and was told it might be my MultiPlexers are Buggy. IE not wanting to split my PCIe lanes
I went into the BIOS and set the PCIe lanes to 8+8+nvme and got a Error Code 63 which is a DXE error. I also installed a GTX-590 and got the same error code 63. The MB will run a single gpu card as x16 but will not handle having to split the that same lane for a multi card setup.
The MB is already setup for cold benching so a RMA is not an option.
The Wife has allowed me to upgrade again :cool: I have snagged a Asus z690 Hero ($250) + G.Skill ddr5 7200 2x16gb TZ5RK ($125) + i9 14900k ($550) I checked to make sure the board was not recalled.
The board states that it only supports ddr5-6600 speeds, has anyone got it to go faster on this board?
The Wife has allowed me to upgrade again :cool: I have snagged a Asus z690 Hero ($250) + G.Skill ddr5 7200 2x16gb TZ5RK ($125) + i9 14900k ($550) I checked to make sure the board was not recalled.
The board states that it only supports ddr5-6600 speeds, has anyone got it to go faster on this board?

Check it yourself with the latest BIOS. Specifications were made just after the mobo release, and back then, there were no 7000+ kits in stores. Your new CPU and a new BIOS may help a lot.
I have no idea how the Hero will act, but MSI Z690 Unify-X officially supports DDR5-6800 and was also designed for 12th-generation CPUs and early DDR5 ICs. On the 14th-generation CPU and new BIOS, it runs at 7600-8200, depending on luck. Well, it did 7800 before I sold it. When I got it, I couldn't stabilize it above 6800.
:comp: I just checked the ASUS support for a BIOS for the board. There have been 19 official bios updates since its release :-( I snagged it (hero) as it was $100+ cheaper than the apex and just as good under water/ss. Good thing ASUS (the others may also have it) allows for a bios update without a cpu installed 😂
APEX is only better if you want to push RAM higher, and not even so much higher as at 8000+, memory controllers often give up. About a month ago, I tested one 14900K, which couldn't even run with RAM at 7200 stable. It's really disappointing when most new motherboards are advertised with 8000+ support and many CPUs can't make it. In DDR3/DDR4, motherboards couldn't make it before IMCs.
Actually, once the next-gen is out, I will probably sell my Z790 APEX and 14700K.

Somehow, I'm surprised you went with Intel and not AMD. Intel has only to offer a higher 1-2 core clock and higher RAM clock for synthetic benchmarks (more like benchable, not stable). AMD has better efficiency in multithreading, is easier to keep at reasonable temps, 8000 RAM works on pretty much every CPU, motherboards will support the next-gen CPUs, and recently prices went down on the 7950X, which is the best for overclocking. It's also good for 8k APUs for additional tests, playing around with the max RAM clock, and some other things.