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I've been brainstorming...(dangerous huh?)

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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2000
Anyways, I had read somewhere, that mobo's that have the ability to sense the fans RPM's have a "threshold" espically on the cpu fan header, it needs to be spinning at 2000+ rpms for the system to deem it "good" right? I just though of something, I had my power supply fans plugged into the auxilary fan header, and when I was monitoring those fans, in the pc health section of my bios, it would jump wildly around from 6800 through 0, and then it would just get stuck. Now I did not want to dare to try and plug my delta fan into the cpu header, so I just clipped the wires, and hooked right up to the p/s, however, I left the sensing wire alone, and unplugged. In place of that, I used my exhaust fan in the Lian Li case, to try to "fool" the system into believing that it was the cpu coolers fan. Now, those fans in the lian li case are kinda low rpm, and i'm wondering if that might not have something to do with the problems that I have been having....hmmmmmm....
You cut the wires on a Delta fan!?!?!

Dude, you can just take the plug apart to pressing the little metal things in the square hole on the side of the plug with a small screw driver. This lets you pull the metal pin out, which will then plug inside of the pins of a PSU Molex connector. Very easy to do, and you can always put the plug back together later.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that knew about this?!?!?!

Should I write a how-to for the front page (complete with step by step photots)?
Heh, I did not know this. DOH. Little late now.... ;D Really though, aside from that fact, I wonder if that could have introduced somekind of interference in the system. Or the p/s for that matter, could it be a jacked up p/s? Hmmmmmmmm.....