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Iwill kk266 OC

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Apr 22, 2001
Is it possible to oc a 1ghz/266 axia "y" t-bird to about
1400-1500 with that bord our should i get abit or asus
instead. and is the ThermoEngine V60-4210 a good cooler for a oc t-bird or witch cooler is best and i dont wont a very very noisy cooler.
@1.825v@164*9.5=1558 (stable)
Iwill KK266 rev1.1 - 0307 BIOS
Swiftech 462A@87F\31C=idle-91F\33C=load / Vantec Chip Set Cooler HSF=80F\27C
After EB 73F\23C=idle-86F\30C=load / Chip Set Cooler HSF=80F\27C
256MB Corsair cas2 SDRAM (MaxCAS2@164Mhz)
Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 Ultra 64MB
Sound Blaster Live x Gamer
Netgear FA311 links
2 IBM Deskstar 45GB ATA100 7200RPM=85.9gigs
Generic 56x CDROM
4-in-1 v4.31
Q3FastestTimedemo001@244 165FSB
Raid-0-64k 2.5MegaRaid
Sandra HD benchmark: 43219

Need I say more.
This board is very stable, in fact I'd venture to say that this board is the one that quite consistently allows obverclocking to the highest possible CPU speed AND also the highest possible FSB.