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Just bought a Lian-Li PC-60 case...

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Dec 25, 2000
Did I make a good choice? And should I go ahead and look into putting some more fans into it. It won't be here for about 2 weeks, so I need to try to find out all that I can. Thanks.
Without personal experience all I can say is a probable good choice. I have been drooling over them for weeks. I did find an outfit in Texas that sells them for $189. At that price it's very tempting. I think I'll wait until Mr. Bill is finally out of office on January 21. If Mr. Bill has not pulled any shenanigans to stay in office by then, I will place my order and be able to compare notes.
FWIW, my plans include replacing the front fans with two 92 mm units or a 120 mm fan and a second 80 mm exhaust fan at the rear. A blow hole at the top ala Cooler Master may follow if necessary.

Please keep us posted on how your case works out.
Lian-Li PC-60 case...

I've had one for several mo.s, nice - if a bit pricy.

You may not need to change out the fans, but I put all on grommets with silicone; and a 120mm blowhole on top.

Now my noise problem is with a PCP&C Silencer 400 psu. Terrible !

be cool
Yeah, I am going to get some of those rubber gromets, and put a blow hole in the case. It would really piss me off though, to know that I spent all that money on that case and got cheap *** fans or something...that would suck, but if that is the case, oh well, i'll just change them out. Not to mention, my credit card is about to melt from that purchase...ouch....:) I think that I am going to put a capsule shaped wndow in the top, and then incorperate the blowhole into that. I am going to put neon's in it of course. Digital Doc III, and some other stuff. And some blue LED's, but beyond that, I am not sure what I am going to do with it.....
Lian-Li PC-60 case...

The stock 80mm fans arn't bad at all. I neglected to mention cutting out the rear fan opening, a must.
I also cut away most of the front cover bottom plastic molding to reduce the incoming air resistance to the front fans, (its not visible).
Be careful locating the top 120mm blowhole, it needs to be up against the psu.

be cool
Hmmmm...interesting, well the case should be here sometime next week, once I get it, and am able to take a look at exactly how its put together, then I will most definatly come back to ask anyone who ownes one of these to hook me up with some pointers. I am wanting to achieve maximum air flow because in the beginning, the CPU and everything is going to be air cooled...DOH... Could you maybe help me with this case? I have never done case modding before, and I don't want to jack up a 200 dollar case...my credit card is about to melt over that one...and I'm not done yet either...if DDR would hurry up, get one of those new mobos in there, and a RAID 5 setup...(I got a friend who can get drives for cheap.... :) ) I am going to incorperate the blowhole into the window on the top, so that I can get good lighting effects..hopefully, if I don't jack it up, I can make it a show case..