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leufken kits?

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Not sure about his socket A waterblocks. But I have one of his slot 1 waterblocks. Kept my cpu while overclocked running only a few degrees C over ambient tempature. I was pretty impressed. I'll be using that same block on my T-Bird when it comes as well. I guess I dont expect to much performance out of it with the T-Bird though. But it should get me by till I get the cash to order a DD Maze 2 waterblock.
i got a 1.33 ayhja going 1.6~ (haven't worked on it yet) and a 1 gig axia going 1.51 both on air. i hope it can handle it. do u think a better radiator or a maze 2 would help cool better on that setup?
Water will definitely cool better than air, but I'm not sure about the Leufkin kit. I've got the aquastealth kit and like it. THe radiator is a nice compact size and the entire rig fits into a mid-atx case with the rest of my computer so that's a big plus.
Soja (Jun 29, 2001 10:11 p.m.):
anybody have one for socket As? are they good? im thinking of getting
not much for performance but just for a simple cooling setup.

I have the Leufken kit and it works fine. But ... if I had it to do over again I'd get the Danger Den kit. It's $60 more, but worth it, IMO. Better water block, better hold-down, better pump, better radiator--better kit.
yeah. 184.00 for the dangerden. this kit has a case for 200 and 6 dollars shipping. i love that shipping rate hehehehe.
I have to admit If I bought my watercooling stuff all over again I would have gone with DD as well. I did'nt buy any kits though. I pieced my watercooling together. Although I may as well bought the whole kit. I got the bigger radiator from leufkens though the 12" x 5" x 3\4". Keeps the water nice and cool. But a DD cube would be great!
I will be getting a DD maze sometime in the near future though. Then I'll work on a new Rad and pump after that. The Pump I have now is an Rio 200gph Inline pump. Works great but can be a bit noisy sometimes. But that was with it sitting right under my computer desk not mounted. I'm sure if I mounted it to the case along with some rubber bushings to absorb the vibration it would be pretty quit. Still trying to decide how I want to mount the Rad in this Average Mid size case I got. I'm either going to mount it sucking air thru the bottom of the case or the side. Not sure yet. Either way I plan on tunneling fresh air from the front of the case thru the rad. That way I dont have to worry about the warmer air from the case bringing the temps up at all.
I got one of those Leufken socket water-cooling kit (with case), although I wish he would have chosen a better case; it's a pretty nice kit for the money. Good enough to keep my OC'd TBird nice & cool, without all the fan noises (I turned the voltage way down on the radiator fan, still works fine).