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Looking for an office chair for heavyset people.

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Jul 7, 2013
I'm a rather rotund fellow (around 360-375 pounds (or 163-170 kilos), depending on the day), so picking office chairs has always been a challenge. Now when I say office chair, I'm not necessarily excluding those bucket style "gamer" chairs, but in my experience, their weight limits tend to be too low.

So, does anyone else here have a few extra pounds, and some insight on some of the better brands for chairs? I've been using a Serta chair for the past few years, but it wore out far too fast for my liking. I do a lot of working from home, so I'm sitting in my desk chair for anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day, depending. I need something that'll last, even with near 24/7 use, something that I won't break with my almighty girth, and preferably the price would be $500 or less.

It will NOT be cheap anything under $1000 is going to be crap because the materials wont hold up to long and heavy use. I have gone through several "moderate" priced chairs and they just dont last eventually i start feeling the bolts poke through the seat cushion.

While I have not yet purchased one of these, from talking to a few people who did it sounded like a life changing moment. Currently I have a chair supplied by my company and its nice, but the seat is still not strong enough to keep me comfortable all day.

While I am also only 200lb/5.5ft I hope this experience is useful.

I looked up my office chair and you can see it here https://www.ergocentric.com/product/aircentric/ its ok, good enough but again I would not recommend it but its more reasonably priced than Ironhorse.
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I'm WFH as well and between that and gaming can sit at my PC for a similar amount of time. I'm 6' 200lbs, so not quite where you're at, but I love my Secret Labs Titan Evo. If you get the XL (I got the regular, there is a lot of space in the hips and you can widen the armrests), it's even bigger and supports up to 400 lbs. I've only had the chair for a year or so, but it's holding up to my abuse fine so far. It also has a five-year warranty.

EDIT: I also fear you'll need to spend more than $500 for a new high-quality chair...
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I also fear you'll need to spend more than $500 for a new high-quality chair...
I might try to find a good condition used Aeron in the future, they usually go for around $500-$600 from what I've heard.

Ended up going with an E-WIN racing style chair...will report back in a few weeks on how I feel about it, so that people looking through the forums for recommendations of their own can know how it stacks up.
Look on govdeals and other office supply warehouse resellers in your area for a type-C aeron. I think that would fit your needs. Generally in the 300-400 range (sometimes less)
I get my office chairs from W.B.Mason warehouse. There's one close by me and they specialize in used office furniture. I think I paid $45 for the one I'm currently using which is a Highback leather exec's chair. Quite comfy for my frame (200lb & 6'). I might get a new (used) one and give this one to my kid.