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Lost a partition in XP + more problems

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Dec 4, 2001
I booted up my computer (windows XP) and now the screen goes blank after the XP screen for about a minute, loading windows, then goes into windows and everything loads extremely slowly. Whenever I double click an icon it takes like 90 seconds for it to do anything. I have a c and d partition on my maxtor 20gig (c for os and d for everything else). Now it doesn't recognize my d drive. At first when I clicked on it, it gave the error d: parameter incorrect. I have restored to a previous time, no help (gave a message also that the d drive cannot be restored due to it being turned off before the restore point). Updated Norton and scanned the system (not the d drive) no viruses. Did a disk scan of c with no errors (won't do the d drive). Now when I try to access d it tells me it is not formatted and asks me if I want to do that now. About 5 days ago I put in a new waterpump for cooling. Everything has been fine until now. Is there anything to try before I reformat and reinstall? I was wondering if the hard drive (less than 1 year old) could be getting interference by the magnetic field created by the pump? I asked this question in the water cooling forum Link But I am posting here as well because I am wondering if it could be an os issue and see if anyone could steer me in the direction of a solution.


Nov 6, 2002
what size power supply (and brand)? I've had drives diappear because of that (have 7 drives). I had to rearrange drives to get some to work right


Sep 30, 2002
Karachi, Pakistan
i had very same problem (d: not formatted) here is what i did to recover (atleast most of it) i have no idea how it happened or why, but atleast i can tell you what i did to recover my data

Boot from Win98 bootdisk

Access the partition from DOS

Copy data to some backup drive

atleast that worked for me, apart from short file names problem most of my data i was able to recover, if i were you i will recover the data and try changing the harddrive, coz after my problem the very next problem i had was total hard drive failure