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RX 7900 XTX Black screen Mouse freezing in bios . General freezing instability

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Apr 12, 2003
Well I thought after a year out Drivers would be good sigh it's took me a Day to figure out all the things happening. Freezing mouse on screen and in bios Black screen on booting and shut downs . But I got it down to Hdmi And DP 7900 has issues installing later driver worked the first one sorry helped . No longer crashes in windows but can't use DP for long still before freezing .
So I got 2 cards 1 to alter bios then swap back to 7900 in windows to play sigh 😕 but least I can play overcloking now .


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Could it be your Windows install? Did you try the 7900XTX on another system to see if the problem follows the card? If it does, then it's the card or drivers. If it doesn't, it's something in your OS.
Tried three different cards on 10 different fresh formatted instal . the 3 cards were ok 7900 not . My spare board is away so can't try different mobo . But 3 cards fine 7900 straight away not . I can put the DP cable in and it freezes in bios random timing hang on I'll do it as I type . 😆 🤣 😂 yup froze
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Runs ok msi core voltage 999 hit 3000 on that run seems like a good Quirky card 😆 🤣
I wouldn't even think about putting a water block on it. It costs too much to "live with it".

I know there were some fixes, but I guess you already checked most (if not all). You can still ask the manufacturer and check some more or just RMA the card.
Aw I know 😔 I took some leave 4 days to play . Sigh 😕. I'm trying again just to make sure. It's not going well 😔 :bang head:bang head:bang head
Thanx 😊
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:attn::clap:Fixed it 🥳 well this morning had brain 🧠 wave moved card into next slot and no freezing in bios now . That does not look good for main slot though 😕 but not card drivers . Been in bios for 15 mins just moving occasionally and all good . Now to figure out why it freezes in that 🤔 think I'll try card I was using see if it freezes then


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