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low powered peltier?

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Dec 18, 2000
i was wondering if i could use a peltier to bring my CPU temp below room temp but above the dew point. where i live the humidity is 50-70% and i'm not sure i want to go through all the hassles of fighting condensation. btw i've never tried a peltier before

i could probably rig a modest 52W to run at 7Volts but i'm afraid the peltier might be overwhelmed under load, any ideas or suggestions? my p3 750@1005 w/PEP66 idles at 39ºC it crashes sometimes under load.. could be other problems but let's solve the heat first, intel's thermal specs say a 1gig p3 puts out 26.1W, should i trust intel? (NO! haha) anyone rigged a peltier like this before?

anyway thanks alot in advance =)
Correct me if I am wrong but the "dew point" is anything under ambient temperatures... and since your computer is in your house that would be your room temp. So if you do lower the temp to anything lower than room temp you run the risk of condensation building up...

get a glass full of water put in in the fridge for a few min so that the temp of the glass/water is just under room temp by a few degrees... water does build up on it doesn't it? So I would think the same would apply in your situation.
I'd say that a 52W TEC is a little low for a P3 @1005MHz, I'd go with a 72-80 watt at a higher voltage, that way it will draw less current from a power supply