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Max. temp.

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Jan 9, 2002
Hey guys,
Could someone tell me what would be the safest, maximum temperature for a P3 933? I overheat and shut down while I am gaming and I am wondering if the tech who put in my processor was being too conservative with the shutdown temp. Thank you in advance. :)
I got it..

I went to the Intel website and found out the max is 75c for my particular processor and the BIOS was set to shut it down at 65c. This would probably have been fine for a non-gaming user. I bumped it up to 70c and now have no problems at all!! YAAAY!!

For some reason, it's normally hard to get information on processors and settings so I usually just come in here and ask rather than search/beg for the info.

Thank you for your response, I'll give more details next time I ask anything. :)
Those temp are close to meltdown. Most overclocked Coppermines start getting unstable in the mid-40's. I used to set my BIOS alarm at 50 degrees on my P-III 700 @ 1050. I had a CPU fan fail once and I was sure glad I had that alarm on and that it was set low enough to allow me time to react in order to save frying my CPU.
if your cpu is reaching temps of more than 50C i would be VERY worried.

what sort of cooling have you got?
any case fans?
OK, this processor isn't overclocked at all, does that make a difference?
I am not sure what kind of fan it is, but it's brand new. No case fan, I guess I should probably get one.

I set my shutdown temp back to what it was, now I can't play my game because it will just set it off.. :-(
The heatsink could be improperly installed. Did you put any heatcompound between HS and the core?