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Merging hard drives under Windows 10

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Mar 18, 2015
I just built a new rig and am looking to combine some storage. I have 3x120gb SSD that I would like to treat as 1 drive. I know how to do this with Linux (its called mergerfsand combines drives under 1 mount point. I would like to dual boot this system and have all the drives recognized under 1 mount point in Windows as well, but I really dont know where to start for this. Use for the drives would just be for file/media/game storage if that matters. 1 option that I have considered is formatting to NTFS and using mergerfs in Linux, but I have no idea how WIndows will see these drives after that. I think they would bee seen as seperate drives however. The other option would be to perform some kind of striping operation in windows and then making a mount script that runs at boot for Linux. I am hoping for a more elegant solution than either of these, so TIA.
I believe you would just set up a Raid 0 array from BIOS, then both OS's would see it.
You could go RAID0 or your board likely supports JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) that will take those 3 drives and make it 'one'.